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The Phoenix Armored Backpack - Estimated Lead Time (10-12 Weeks)

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The Phoenix Armored Backpack - Estimated Lead Time (10-12 Weeks)
The Phoenix Armored Backpack - Estimated Lead Time (10-12 Weeks)
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The Phoenix Armored Backpack  - Model 2019

Ships ready to use - Buy it. Wear it. Survive. That simple.

We believe in the right to make the personal decisions that work best for your family’s safety. With already sewn-in body armor, the Phoenix Armored Backpack is built to stop bullets used in 95% of gun related homicides. The backpack is lightweight, weighing in under 3 lbs, making it suitable for regular use by adults and children alike. One of the best features of the Phoenix Armored Backpack is that the armor is completely concealed, so no one will know that your loved one’s backpack doubles as a life-saving device. Our backpacks are currently available in standard black, but additional colors are in our future plans so check back soon! Ships ready to use.

Built-in Body armor. Seamlessly integrated and fully concealed The Phoenix Armored Backpack is built to stop the bullets used in 95% of gun related homicides at a total weight of under 3lbs all inclusive, in its lightest configuration. Nobody will know your backpack doubles as a lifesaving tool.

The Phoenix is something you take with you everywhere. It affords you protection which could save your life. With 7 years in body armor and plate carrier manufacturing designed for heavy duty use, we’ve taken our industry knowledge and applied it towards lightweight and flexible backpack armor development and backpack design. The result is the most reliable and affordable one-piece armored backpack available today, with the AR500 Armor® quality you expect. Each design aspect is engineered with protection, ease of use, and concealability in mind.

The armor is first manufactured 100% in our Phoenix, AZ facility. Cut, assembled, and sealed by our team of craftsmen. We utilize an Anti-Microbial and Water-resistant rip-stop laminate which is both protective and lightweight. This special IIIA armored panel is inserted into The Phoenix, completely sealed again in the ideal location for optimal vital coverage within the backpack. You never have to worry about fitting a specific size within your backpack, or your panel shifting out of position. As it leaves our factory, your backpack is immediately ready for use, full featured, with zero encumberments. You might even forget you have body armor with you.

The perfect travel companion. Wear The Phoenix front facing, back facing, slung over one shoulder, hang it over your seat, or use the straps and carry handle to deploy as a shield. Also, ideal for flying to use as a travel or carry on backpack.

The Backpack features durable zippers, padded rear backing for comfort, and padded fully adjustable backpack straps. The Hypalon bottom lining is both high traction, abrasion and water resistant. On each zipper, you’ll find the same high traction Hypalon pull tabs.

We recommend wearing the backpack as high up on your back as comfortably possible for adequate vital coverage.

The generously sized primary compartment features a laptop sleeve, compatible with nearly all laptops The Front pocket is large and includes a key lanyard with hook, and retention pockets for pens and other accessories. The flat front facing pocket is low profile and will easily accommodate a full-sized pistol for concealment. Complete with subdued AR500 Armor® Phoenix Branding.

Large Main Pocket size: 18” x 13” x 9" (with laptop sleeve)

Medium Front pocket size: 10” x 10”

Small pocket Size: 6” x 10” 

The Integrated Body Armor:

Choose between Lightweight & Flexible Pistol Rated soft body armor -or- Rugged and Rigid Rifle Rated hard body armor. Integral Body Armor of your choice is hand sewn into The Phoenix Armored Backpack by our team of skilled craftsmen. It ships ready to use. No installation is required on your end.

Both integrated armor options are manufactured in house in the Phoenix, AZ USA and are Multi-Hit IIIA and .06 compliant. Our integrated Level IIIA pistol rated soft armor is capable of defeating 95% of the bullets used in gun related homicides. Our Level III+ Lightweight Rifle Rated armor exceeds IIIA protection, to include protection from rifle threats such as the AR15 and AK47 with most round velocities up to 3,000fps.

Pistol Rated - Build-In Body Armor

Level IIIA integrated soft armor: Rated to defeat 6 rounds of .44 Magnum, and .357 Sig at 1,430 feet per second. We achieve this with great performance in back face deformation (BFD) numbers. BFD is the amount of energy transferred to your body in a measurement on a constant media.

Total Weight with Backpack + Armor: Less than 3lbs

Rifle Rated - Build-In Body Armor

Level III+ Lightweight integrated hard armor: Rated to defeat (6) rounds of 7.62x51 M80 NATO Ball from 51’ at 2,780 feet per second.

  • Special Threat tested to defeat 5.56 x45 M193, 5.56x45 M855/SS109 (Penetrators) at 3,000 feet per second.
  • Special Threat tested to defeat 7.62x39, and 7.62x51 M80 NATO Ball at 2,850 feet per second.

Total Weight with Backpack + Armor: Less than 9 lbs **The high and tight mounting position of the integrated armor we achieve through a dedicated armor backpack design significantly reduces felt overall weight

Available in two sizes to match your budget. 10” x 12”, or 11” x 15”. Regardless of size, we appropriate the armor in it’s ideal ride height for maximum vital protection. Reference this video for ideal armor placement and vital coverage: If it’s within your budget we recommend the largest armor option can afford in backpack use, as they deploy excellent as shields.

The armor carriers a 5-year shelf life, and the model designation of 2019 will help you identify which model you have, and when you should replace your backpack.

The Trauma Pad Option:

The trauma pad option is recommended for additional comfort and helps mitigate energy transfer to your body in the event your armor takes a round. We use a special non-Newtonian pad which absorbs energy and reduces the back-face deformation to a lesser degree. It is not required, and does not add ballistic protection, but will absorb energy on impact, reducing felt blunt force trauma. If you choose to add a trauma pad, we will hand sew the trauma pad properly in place within The Phoenix Armored Backpack, no work installation is required.

The IFAK (Individual First Aid Kit) Option:

Our IFAKs (Individual First Aid Kits) are specifically designed for gunshot and stab wounds. Each IFAK is complete with the tools necessary to stop severe bleeding wounds, and makes and excellent, affordable, and very capable additional your backpack. They are lightweight, and compact. You’ll have plenty of room left over for other necessaries. 

        IFAK Contents

  • 1x Hemostatic Agent (QuikClot or Celox depending on availability)
  • 1x 4" Compress Bandage
  • 1x Pair Chest Seals
  • 1x H&H Thin H Bandage (Flat Folded)
  • 1x H&H PriMed Compressed Gauze
  • 1x Waterproof Medical Tape
  • 1x Pair Medical Gloves (XLarge) 

AR500 Armor® Integrated Body Armor 100% manufactured and installed in-house in our Phoenix, AZ USA Facility. The Phoenix Armored Backpack designed in Phoenix, Arizona, and manufactured in Vietnam to our strict quality standards. The same manufacturing process we use in our professional grade plate carriers extends to our backpack design and construction.

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